GT-Families Mailing List


GT-Families is an electronic mailing list for the discussion of the range of issues facing families raising gifted children. All who are interested in supporting and nurturing gifted and talented children are most welcome, so long as they agree to follow the rules and principles set out below.

Topics welcome on GT-Families include:

  1. Parenting GT children
  2. Educating GT children
  3. Dealing with GT children who face other issues such as learning disabilities or physical challenges
  4. Advocating for GT children
  5. Social issues surrounding giftedness
  6. Research on GT issues
  7. Issues facing GT adults

List members are asked to remember that our children can and do read list e-mail. Please post in ways which would you would be proud to point to as models of good citizenship to your kids.

If you would like to subscribe to GT-Families from this web page, you can skip down to the bottom of the page, but we'd really appreciate your taking the time to read our stuff about being civilized first! Please note that to post to the list, you must first subscribe!

You can also unsubscribe from GT-Families using the web interface.

If you would like to see what we have been talking about, you can take a look at our archives using the web interface.

Promoting a Civilized Environment

We find a list works best when everyone treats everyone else with respect. Below are a few suggestions designed to keep GTWorld the kind of place where the experienced want to stay and the brand-new feel welcome.

Whew! Now that we've covered all the boilerplate, relax, put up your feet, and get ready for a good chat. There are lots of funny people here, folks who can be wonderful travelling companions on this adventure we're having with our children. Welcome. We hope you'll stay a while.


Technical Details

The GT-World mailing lists run on listserv Server version 2.548 software. For a list of commands send e-mail to with the one word help in the message body. 

listserv offers two methods for managing your membership options. You may send commands to the listserver via e-mail, or use the web interfaces for the various lists.

Web Interface

The following link will permit you to set your preferences for GT-Families Lists:

GT-Families Web Interface

E-Mail Interface

The following is a summary of the most common e-mail commands: 

To subscribe to gt-families

send e-mail to with the command subscribe gt-families in the body

To unsubscribe

send e-mail to with the command signoff gt-families in the body.

To contact a human being

send e-mail to

To send a post for distribution to the mailing list

send e-mail to
NOTE: Only subscribers to gt-world lists can post to them!

To receive multiple posts in a single mailing

send e-mail to with the command set gt-families digests in the body

To set list to send no messages

send e-mail to with the command set gt-families nomail in the body

To set list to send messages as they come in

send e-mail to with the command set gt-families mail in the body

To resume a held membership
(if your email address has been bouncing email for several days listserv may put your membership on "hold" and stop sending you electronic mail.)

send e-mail to with the command unhold in the body

Other mailing list commands

send e-mail to

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