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All gifted children are special because of their intellectual abilities. Some, however, have disabilities that make them 'twice-special.' Many of us have found that the best way of meeting the educational needs of our twice-exceptional children is through homeschooling. This discussion group is devoted to families who are homeschooling or considering homeschooling these children. 

What does GT-Spec-Home address? Generally, we are talking about any gifted child who has a learning disability (LD) and/or other neurological problem(s) and who may be homeschooled. These other neurological problems may include but are not limited to ADD, hyperactivity, autism, Asperger's Syndrome, Tourette's Syndrome, PDD, ODD, OCD, anxiety disorders, sensory integration disorders (SI), and depression.

What these problems all have in common is that they: 

GT-Spec-Home is a safe place where we can discuss our twice-special children, and the special challenges we face in helping them (and others) understand and deal with their differences, while also encouraging them to develop and enjoy their exceptional intellectual abilities.  It is a place to share homeschooling resources, ask for suggestions of how to meet our children's unique needs, and get support for ourselves as we navigate the adventure of homeschooling our special children.

New to all this?

To keep the list safe and supportive, the list moderator will enforce the following guidelines: 

Topics welcome on GT-Spec-Home include:

  1. Special challenges involved in parenting and educating our children
  2. Social issues that arise from these special challenges
  3. Taking care of ourselves while taking care of our children
  4. Discussion of pertinent research** 

**HOWEVER: this list is not an appropriate place for conducting research. Any person wishing to collect information on these children as part of a research study must contact the listowners who will review the request and post it if they feel it is appropriate.

List members are asked to remember that our children can and do read list e-mail. Please post in ways which would you would be proud to point to as models of good citizenship to your kids. Due to the sensitive nature of the topics of this list, we only keep one week's worth of archives. Archives are accessible only to listmembers.

Promoting a Civilized Environment

We find a list works best when everyone treats everyone else with respect. Below are a few guidelines designed to make GT-Spec-Home a safe environment for discussing often difficult issues. We created this list because we needed a safe place where we could discuss the special issues we face. For this reason, there are a few special rules for this list: 

1. Posters may not question the existence of any of the special challenges faced by our members. While they may respectfully question whether a particular label truly fits a particular child, readers must keep in mind that those closest to the situation know a lot more about it then will ever be revealed in an email discussion group, and as such we will accept the family as the final authority on what diagnoses are appropriate for any child.


It is not acceptable to write "There's no such thing as ADD. This is just an attempt by the schools to medicate children into compliance."

It is acceptable to write "Has your child been evaluated by a clinician? Your description of her classroom problems sound a lot like behaviors often seen in gifted children who are unchallenged and bored." 

It is not acceptable to write "Any kid that can't read by age 9 can't possibly be gifted, this dyslexia stuff is just an excuse." 

It is acceptable to write "Research shows that many children diagnosed with dyslexia quickly learn to read when taught by ____ methods, you might want to give them a try." 

2. Posters may not attack other list members for their choices of treatment for their children, although they may suggest that certain treatments are worth looking into or that there may be alternatives to current treatments being used. 


It is not acceptable to write: "Using medications on a child is a horrible thing to do. No caring parent would drug their kid just to placate the school." 

It is acceptable to write: "Have you tried using the behavioral methods in the book by ____? Some of these sound like they might be helpful for the problems you are describing." 

It is not acceptable to write "Allowing your child to use a computer or tape recorder to get through written assignments is unfair to all the other kids and just encourages laziness." 

It is acceptable to write "We found that skipping straight to cursive eliminated a lot of the barriers that were seemingly insurmountable with printing." 

3. We don't flame here. Most of us have to deal with plenty of disrespect we are trying to help one another. Because support doesn't always mean saying "I agree", it's important to phrase challenges in such a way that it is clear that it is not the worth of the writer you are questioning, but rather the validity of the idea. 

What is a flame? It is important to recognize that to disagree respectfully, or to politely request a change of behavior, is not to "flame". The following is NOT a flame: 

"Has your child been tested using IQ and achievement tests? Many gifted kids show ADD-like symptoms if they are in a classroom setting where they are bored and required to do work well below their capabilities."

This is a flame: 

"Listen you jerk - how can you be so stupid and listen to the school idiots tell you your kid has ADD when you haven't bothered to get testing done?!? If you'd bothered to read the FAQ you wouldn't be doing such stupid things." 

GT-Spec-Home will be a much more effective resource for all of us if we endeavor to keep it flame-free. 

In addition to the "rules of engagement" outlined above, GT-Spec-Home shares the GT-World guidelines: 


  1. Confidentiality: Many of the issues discussed on this list are of a sensitive nature. Any information posted here concerning a particular individual shall not be discussed outside of the list without the permission of that individual or their parent/guardian. Anyone violating this will be immediately removed from the list membership.
  2. All posts to GT-Spec-Home remain the copyrighted work of their individual authors. With the exception of "fair use" applications, such as quoted material included to clarify replies, no posts may be reproduced in whole or in part in any medium without the express written permission of the author. This includes reproducing or forwarding any part of a list post in private e-mail to non- listmembers. And please do not, under any circumstances, post private e-mail to this list.
  3. GT-Spec-Home is maintained for the benefit of the community of families with gifted children with learning disabilities, attention deficit disorders, and/other neurological challenges. While lively discussion is expected and encouraged, listmembers will maintain a tone which is constructive of community and respectful of fellow listmembers. Posts which appear to be destructive of community will result in revocation of list membership. The listowner is empowered to revoke list membership at his/her discretion, but is required to inform the GT World board of directors of such actions. Listmembers who wish to appeal the decision of the listowner may take their case to the GT World board.
  4. Listmembers understand that information exchanged on GT-Spec-Home is the product of anecdotal individual experience and in no way represents professional advice. Listmembers implement strategies suggested on GT-Spec-Home at their own risk.


By remaining subscribed to the GT-Spec-Home mailing list, you demonstrate that you have agreed to the above conditions. If these conditions are not acceptable to you, then you must immediately unsubscribe from the list by sending e-mail with an empty subject line to: containing the text "unsubscribe GT-SPEC-HOME

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